Wedding Bands For Women And Buying Wholesale Canadian Diamonds

Women all over the world seem to want nice wedding bands, and using wholesale Canadian diamonds for this purpose makes a lot of sense. In light of the fact that many precious gems from the African continent are tainted with conflict or blood, it is understandable that there is a desire for conflict free diamonds.

However, it is not as easy as 1-2-3 to be certain that the stones you think are cruelty free. Due to the fact that the entire industry is spread around the globe and there are so many steps between the mine and the final purchaser, there exists many opportunities to cheat.

How to buy conflict free diamonds

One thing you can do to ensure a blood free diamond is to ask a lot of pertinent questions. Some of these would include:

  • May I see you public or published statement about conflict free gems?
  • How would you define this term?
  • Do you have official documentation wholesale ring proving how they are mined, cut and polished?
  • Can you provide a paper trail from the mine to the retailer?

Once you are armed with such inquiries, you will be able to proceed with much more confidence than you might if you just have some vague idea. It is your money, your wedding band, your engagement ring, and you have the right to get what you are paying for.

Wholesale diamonds from Canada make this process quite a bit easier. These gems are mined in the arctic under ethical conditions and are officially marked to prove it. In recent times Canada has emerged as an important player in the global market for precious gems, and this is great news for those wishing to have a beautiful ring and a good conscience.

They are properly documented from the mine to the cutter to the polisher and finally to the retailer. This paper trail ensures your purchase to be what you had in mind. They are processed without human rights violations, pollution to the environment, no child labor, and they are not used to finance rebel forces.

The quality is superb, the cutting and polishing are first-rate, and the prices are held to a minimum to enable the average person to purchase a lovely wedding band or engagement ring. The styles are as limitless as your imagination as well.

Traditional bezel set gems, Irish Claddagh, Christian, or any manner of custom ring can be made from these Arctic gems. There really is no difference in the make up of the stone, it is simply from Canada and made with ethical methods.

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