How to Fill Your Product Funnel

In this article I’m going to give you some strategies for filling your product funnel and building a solid and sustainable online business. The basic idea of a product funnel is that you start by offering your market either a free or low cost product such as an eBook, then follow up with them to entice them to buy a mid-priced item such as a home study course and continue to offer them more and more valuable products and services. You will find that a large number of people will accept or purchase your initial product but as the price and value of the products and programmes increase the number of people who invest will decrease.

The funnel idea also relates to the number of products you will need to create for each level so you want to have 6 – 10 low level products, 3 – 5 mid-priced items and just one or two high ticket programmes. Conversely the amount of personal support and interaction will increase the further into the funnel people go and your highest programmes might therefore involve 1-1 individual attention. clickfunnels mlm scam All of this can seem a daunting prospect but the secret is just to start and focus on creating one element at a time and before you know it you will have filled your funnel. At which point you should continue to add to and improve what you have to offer at all levels of your funnel by testing and measuring how each product is performing.

I’m going to suggest two key ways to fill your funnel. Both ways work just as well but you will probably find that one way suits you better. The first way starts with your top level product or programme. Generally this is some form of 1-1 programme. The easiest way to create this is week by week as you work with your first client. You can then refine it and add to it as you work with the next few clients until you are happy you have a programme that fits your typical client. You will find that this should break down naturally into a few major elements that will form the basis of your mid-prices offerings – just use the resources for your top level programme but offer it with less support or remove some of the more detailed trainings. Similarly break these down further to come up with your entry level products.

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